Most Essential Ambulance Equipment

Follow us! Photo by   Emergency medical responders are called out for different kinds of emergency scenarios. Therefore, an EMS must be equipped with a wide range of equipment and devices so they can properly provide emergency care.     Here is the list of essential equipment mostly seen in an ambulance:    ECG Monitor and Defibrillator   An ECG monitor tracks the…

Clean Thumbs up hands

An Alternative for Handwash That Kills Coronavirus in 30 Seconds

Follow us!     Good hand hygiene is the best way to stop viral infections from spreading. Says the World Health Organization (WHO), frequent handwashing is still the leading preventive measure together with social distancing that everybody must practice to avoid getting infected with the Sars-CoV-2.    Today, the rise of the production of sanitizers and disinfectants is at its peak due to the pandemic. However, most of these hand sanitizing liquids…


What Are the Different Types of Emergency Stretchers?   

Follow us!   The emergency stretcher is a medical equipment that is used to immobilize and safely carry an injured individual or patient to the ambulance – it could be a helicopter, plane, boat, or land vehicle – or to the location of the medical treatment facility.   Stretchers are used in different emergency situations, such as search and rescue, ambulance, and more. It is a crucial part of…


Latest Qualification To Be Considered a COVID19 Close Contact

Follow us! Image credit:   As the world improves in adapting to the COVID19 pandemic, researchers are able to dig deeper into how the virus can spread. By getting a better information about the factors that may cause an individual from being infected, we can enhance the prevention protocols and thus reducing the number of cases.     Another crucial way that government authorities strictly implements to prevent the virus’ spread is tracing the contact of a person who…

The Correct Way of Wearing Foam Earplugs

The DOs and DON’Ts of Using Earplugs

Follow us! Earplugs are an essential part of keeping employees safe from the risk of hearing injuries. These tiny noise blockers have also been the go-to of many to get a good sleep.   Even though earplugs provide safety and peace, it could also do the opposite when it is improperly used which may lead to serious infection and other side effects.     The…