Common Mistakes When Administering CPR

Follow us! CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) is one of the most essential and critical part of saving a person’s life. Most people who know the basics of administering CPR are giving 100-120 chest compressions per minute with 2 rescue breaths every after 30 compressions. However, it is not enough to just ‘know’ CPR because these mistakes…

dog and cat

First Aid for Pets

Follow us! If Your Pet is Bleeding   STEP 1 – Muzzle If you have a muzzle, it is best to put it on your pet because they might be aggressive when they are in pain. STEP 2 – Apply pressure Slowly check the source of blood and apply pressure to it. If there is…


Vitamin D Reduces COVID19 Risk Study Says

Follow us! Vitamin D is a vitamin that comes from sun exposure, food, and food supplements. It is an essential vitamin the body needs to be able to absorb calcium to the bones and teeth that promote growth and remodeling. Other benefits of vitamin D are: It lowers the risk for heart disease  It boosts…