Spread of Infectious Disease Weakens: Patients and Healthcare Workers’ Safety Improved

Follow us! The prevention of infectious disease has been a great challenge globally. Medical researchers and institutions have been continuously working towards the improvement of medical devices and equipment to ensure the safety of healthcare workers and patients which is now more crucial than ever since the outbreak of COVID-19 that left 38 million people infected where 14% are healthcare professionals based on the World health organization (WHO) registered cases.  Today, many countries, such…


Avoid Premature Death by Just Sitting Less

Follow us! How long does a normal person sit daily?  Experts say that an average individual sits for a total of 10 hours per day which increases when a person gets older. This amount of sitting period is associated with work and common leisure activities outdoor and at home, such as watching TV, playing video games, checking social media accounts, eating, drinking, etc.  …


Five Most Common and Uncommon Causes of House Fires

Follow us! MOST COMMON SOURCES OF HOUSE FIRES    Electrical Short Circuits  Wirings and anything that uses electricity may cause a fire when it is poorly taken care of – appliances left turned on for a long period of time, outlets are overloaded with plugs, devices are not installed properly, wires are loose or left under heavy objects.     Avoid these by making sure to:  Unplug devices/appliances when not in…

Man wearing eyeglasses and cloth face mask

Do Eyeglasses Give Extra Protection as What Face Shields Do For The Eyes?

Follow us! COVID19 is known to enter the nose, mouth, and eyes. Therefore, people wear face masks, goggles, and face shields to protect these main entry points of the virus. But not all these protective equipment should be used by anyone because it would depend on how high your exposure risk is.   For the general public, wearing a face mask, practicing social distancing, and frequent handwashing are the three most…

Little boy wearing a face mask while studying

Tips to Help Your Kids Adjust During the COVID-19 School Year

Follow us! After 5 long months, schools in 59 out of 105 countries have finally reopened or have planned to do soon. Though this may be exciting for children, most parents are now even more anxious about how to make sure their children get the proper learning while staying safe in an out-of-home setting during the COVID-19 pandemic.   To give parents more time to adjust, most schools, like in…

Person lying on the ground being defibrillated

What to Avoid When Using an AED

Follow us! The Automated External Defibrillator is proven to save thousands from sudden cardiac arrest – when the heart experiences an electrical malfunction that causes it to stop beating that results in immediate loss of consciousness. AEDs are designed so rescuers can use it fast without too much training with its smart and simple user interface.   But one crucial thing that untrained individuals (bystanders) should know before using an…


How to Safely Evacuate an Injured Person

Follow us! During life-threatening emergencies, knowing how to evacuate an injured person is crucial because there are some instances where waiting for professionals to evacuate the patient out of a very harmful location could increase the risk of death. Therefore, in this guide, we are giving you know-how in transferring a casualty to a safe location until the first responders arrive.   Doing the following techniques must be done with absolute care and calmness because a mishandling may result…

Woman Lying on floor unconscious

AED on Women: Should bras be removed?

Follow us! In most countries that allow bystanders to interfere during an emergency situation, according to the American Heart Association (AHA) journal, Circulation, women are still less likely to receive bystander CPR than men mainly because of the fear of being accused of sexual assault due to inappropriate touching of the women’s breast. The same stigma applies to the use of Automated…