Ambujet Portable suction unit P 800 D (20G)


Item Number: SC75500 C

The AMBUJET Wire P 800 D 20G suction device is the result of long term research investments. The collaboration between rescue operators and engineers has taken Jet to new levels of reliability, lightweight and at the same time being extremely user friendly as no other portable suction device has ever been. Jet has an unprecedented suction flow rate in its category – 32 L/min. and is the only device with the easy access for rapid battery substitution. The collection vase, being connected directly to the suction unit reduces the number of components and costs and is also quick and easy to insert. Jet is the first suction .device in the world to be equipped with an integral protection frame in Polyethylene which protects from any kind of damage due to dropping, collisions, falls A simply indestructible device as demonstrated by the UNI EN 1789 certification. The exceptional stability is obtained thanks to the position of the gravital centre in the area with the maximum distance from the external frame. In addition AMBUJET is supplied complete with a 20 g certified wall fixing system that .is however very easily released by just pressing the button on the front Class IIa medical device Compliant with ISO 100079-1 ISO Class High flow / High vacuum Accessory SC75012E Jet Side Bag – SC73017E 220V/12V power adapter