Item Number: DG09115 E

User-friendly design. Small and slender, with easy-to-hold rubber grips, the • Accu-Chek Aviva meter offers a comfortable, discreet choice for blood .gluco se testing Test reminders. The user can set up to 4 automatic reminders for different • .times throughout the day, to help remember when to test Battery backup. An additional small battery in the meter keeps the time and • memory for up to 72 hours when the main battery is removed or out .of power ,Preset time and date. The meter now comes with the time and date preset • so startup time is faster for the user, as well as the healthcare professional .helping with initial setup Spare parts .DG09114E Reactive Strips Accu-Chek Aviva 50 pts • DG09117E DGX 917 – Cylinder charger with 6 tips for lancing FastClix • Also provided individual lancets lancing device manuals not compatible with lancing FastClix .