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Item Number: ST02147

– ST02140+ST02035+ST02018+ST02605+SH00201

Immobilization system intended for recovery and transfer on a main stretcher of adult and pediatric patients. Specific Characteristics The integrated adult and pediatric spine board, offers unmatched versatility. Pediatric spine board with differentiated occipital areas to fit the anatomical characteristics of pediatric patients Pediatric board equipped with specific belts with integrated meter to check the patient’s height, allowing to identify which side of the board needs to be used The base of Adult head immobilizer is padded to increase patient comfort The head immobilizer fixing takes place by means of straps bands and is equipped with chin and forehead bands to improve head immobilization Adult and pediatric head immobilizer have large side openings to allow ear inspection The soft pillow padding increases patient comfort Adult adjustable spider belts with strap closure provide greater level of immobilization and adaptability.