Nec York-Size2 – 1 Piece Rigid Cervical Collar



Item Number: QC19002

For more than ten years the original Nec York collar has been considered as the point of reference for a safe and stable immobilization of the cervical rachis. A ready to use mono valve cervical collar, which is easy to apply thanks to an adjustable rip-apart closure. The fundamental structure, made with ,mould injection high density polyethylene sustains perfectly the weight of the head, enveloping the occipital and • mandibular areas with its anatomic form offers an ideal choice of size thanks to a simple and precise method of • measuring with fingers reduces the inflection-extension to the minimum • minimizes pressure on the carotid • guarantees X-rays, CAT scan and MRI inve- stigations compatibility • ready for immediate use as it is already assembled • ensures use even in extreme temperatures • optimizes the washing and sanitization • The re-styling has allowed us to increase the opening at the front for an easier access to the carotid artery • and to create a convenient access for the tracheotomy increase the coloured areas for quicker identification of the various sizes • re-design the profiles of all collars and • reduce the number of sizes available whilst maintaining the same scientific precision of immobilization increase the radius of the borders to impro- ve the comfort of the victim • increase the thickness and expansive density of the internal lining