Philips HeartStart FRx AED Defibrillator


Philips HeartStart FRx AED Defibrillator – For those who get there first

With access to the right equipment and support, everyone can help save a life. Philips HeartStart FRx defibrillator with Life Guidance acts as your personal coach to guide you through a sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) emergency with a simple, step-by-step process. Adaptive instructions keep you on track and intelligent sensors automatically deliver the right therapy, helping give you the confidence to lead the way to save a life.

The HeartStart FRx defibrillator includes advanced Life Guidance features to help guide the treatment of sudden cardiac arrest. With easy set-up, clear voice prompts, and rugged design, HeartStart FRx is designed for on-the-spot responders.

Ready to act. Ready to go.

The FRx defibrillator features Life Guidance intuitive, step-by-step voice instructions, including CPR coaching, to help give responders the confidence that’s needed while treating a cardiac arrest. A clear, calm voice and descriptive visual icons guide you through every step, from pad placement to cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and shock delivery. The voice prompts are paced to your actions, so that you don’t need to worry about feeling rushed, overwhelmed, or slowed down.

CPR assistance

Just press the i-button for assistance with CPR, and Life Guidance provides instructions and audio cues for the appropriate number, rate, and depth of chest compressions, as well as for each breath. If the Infant/Child Key is inserted, the instructions adapt to CPR instructions that are appropriate for an infant or child.

Ready the moment it arrives

The HeartStart FRx Ready-Pack configuration arrives virtually ready to rescue. Just pull the green tab to initiate the FRx self-test that confirms its readiness for use, and put the device into service. The FRx Ready-Pack comes with the FRx already inside its carry case, with pads connected, battery inserted, and a set of spare pads in place. Set-up is easy, and you have the peace of mind of knowing the device is deployed correctly.

Defibrillation guidance

To deliver a shock, simply place the pads on bare skin where indicated by the placement diagram, and press the orange Shock button when prompted. Flashing icons and a quick reference guide augment the voice instructions, so you’ll know what to do even in a noisy setting.

Ready the moment you need it

The FRx is designed as one of the most comprehensive self-testing devices on the market. It performs more than 85 automated daily, weekly, and monthly self-tests to check pad readiness and verify functionality and calibration of circuits and systems, and it can go up to four years between battery replacements.

EMS hand-off

The FRx even reminds you to be sure that emergency medical services (EMS) has been called. And once EMS arrives, hand-off is fast and easy because the FRx pads are compatible with advanced defibrillators from Philips and other manufacturers. Special adapters allow our pads to be plugged into advanced care devices to provide continuity of care.

Ready for any environment

On the scene with law enforcement, on the field with student-athletes, or on the job with employees, the FRx is the solution for treating SCA in environments and conditions too demanding for other defibrillators. Lightweight, rugged, and reliable, it can withstand rough handling, extreme temperatures, or dusty or wet environments. Rigorous testing includes jetting water and withstanding loads up to 500 kg (1100 lbs) and drops from 1.22 m (4 ft).


Personalized therapy. Enhanced care.

The FRx contains remarkable technology that adapts to the situation at hand.

  • Integrated SMART Pads II placed on the victim’s bare skin sense and adapt the defibrillator’s instructions to your actions every step of the way.
  • SMART Analysis automatically assesses heart rhythm and will only deliver a shock if the rhythm is determined to be shockable – even if the Shock button is pressed.
  • Sensors in the pad also immediately measure the resistance of the patient’s body and adjust shock attributes accordingly, so that the right current is delivered to the heart on every needed shock.
  • Artifact detection allows ECG analysis even in the presence of most pacemaker artifacts and many other electrical noise sources. When more challenging sources of artifact are detected, the voice prompts suggest corrective action.

For infants, children, and adults

SMART Pads II can be used for both adults and children. Simply insert the Infant/Child Key into the FRx to signal to the device that you’re treating an infant or a child. The defibrillator adjusts its Life Guidance to provide special pads placement and CPR instructions. The pads icons also flash to show you the optimized pads placement, and the device reduces defibrillation therapy to a level more appropriate for an infant or a child.

Because you don’t have to switch pads based on the person’s age, you can deliver therapy quickly, and you don’t have the extra expense of purchasing separate pads for adults and children.


Proven therapy

At the core of all HeartStart defibrillators are SMART Analysis and SMART Biphasic technologies. SMART Analysis determines if a shock is needed. And the SMART Biphasic shock waveform is highly effective at treating cardiac arrest, yet reduces stunning of a fragile heart.11 Effectiveness of these technologies is proven by more than 40 published, peer-reviewed studies.


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