Item Number: SK30000E

Eva is a transport chair, dedicated to the transport of patients during rescue .transport and evacuation operations, which presents a lot of novelties In the past few years in fact, new styles of social behaviour and new operational protocols for both professional and occasional operators have been .established The aesthetic codes, used by these new protagonists, are moving towards a more dynamic, courageous and anti-conformist reality. Our project managers .have transferred this conception into a completely renewed operational contest The research has been concentrated on new and innovative alloys and plastic .materials, which are able to guarantee a high standard in both the most extreme and intensive situations .Our goal has been to develop a product which expresses transparency, lightness, dynamicity, resistance; all the main characteristics expected from a highly technological product of extremely high quality level Eva is the result of this research: an integral project which conceptually unites .the product’s production process and its formal dimensions The structural parts and mechanisms are made out of metals already tested in other fields and differenced according to the function of the different components. The texture of the materials is an important characteristic a project like .this where we mechanical components and a strong personality are recognizable Dedicated fixing device SK30001E Fixing E-Max 10G – SK30002E Fixing E-Max 20G