Tango Fix HP integrated Adult/Paediatric Head immobilizer


Item Number: SH00246 A

The exclusive Tango Fix head immobiliser has been studied for perfect head immobilisation of both adult and paediatric trauma patients. If used with the spinal boards and a rigid cervical collar, even patients in a critical condition .can be subjected to longer and more difficult transport conditions. The correct immobilising of the head also offers the operators the possibility to operate with the cervical tract adequately protected The Tango Fix head immobiliser is composed of two strong PE blocks with insertions of a soft, anallergic rubber offering maximum comfort for the patient and a base with straps that permit fixing to any type of spine board. The blocks are easily positioned on the base thanks to large Velcro® pads. The U-shaped geometry of the blocks form large openings which permit easy inspection of the ear area and the make checks for blood or fluid loss and communication with the patient possible. The rubber parts are easily substituted with the use of a pressure clip so the immobiliser is easily maintained in top condition. The immobiliser is manufactured in a waterproof material and there is no risk of organic liquids (blood, vomit, mucous) being absorbed or damage by chemical substances and solvents. The items will remain soft at all .temperatures. It is easily decontaminated and X ray translucent