The American Heart Association Annual Summit has again created a huge impact

on the Cardiovascular Health of the Middle East and North African region.

When you watch a film where a man was saving a woman being robbed, or a dog dragging a drowning kid out of the water, did you ever thought of being that person – one who gives chance for another to live?

On Dec 9-10, 2019, AHA gave us just that.
For over 5 years of continuous participation in the AHA Annual Summit, we can say that this year was the best yet.
Together with one of our biggest partners, Philips, whom we are truly honored to represent as we are their sole AED distributor among the MENA region.

The event was packed with a two-day interactive and compact program where:
New science and training information to help the whole region to continually
deliver quality training to more people in more places,
Inspiring stories from all corners of the region were shared to inspire new ways
to impact life support programs within healthcare, workplaces, and communities,
Opportunities were networked and shared to help us all manage and improve
the quality of service.


Honorable guests and the AHA Training Network were there to conduct the forum and share their impactful insights,
including Zehra’ Al Hilali, AHA MENA Regional Dir, and the region’s Vice President herself, Ms. Lindsey Hilton.

Attended by representatives from 12 countries of the MENA Region, collaborated with the trusted
organizations in its field, and supported by some of the biggest brands/distributors of pre-hospital
and medical products and services.


The room was filled with inspiration and ideas about how one can improve on saving lives through sharing of each one’s innovations. From our side, we are grateful to have shared our Philips AEDs, CPR Advanced Manikins, and our day’s apple-of-the-eye Lisa Lifesaver Intuitive CPR Wrist Guide; a new product that is new in the market.


It is such a fulfillment for us to find a like-minded community of people who informs, connects, collaborates, and advances Cardiovascular Health to strengthen the chance of survival in MENA region. This year-end event participation is not just a year-ender, but a milestone for Team ARASCA to become even more empowered to continuously provide innovative ways to make a healthier and safer living not just in our region but up to where we can possibly reach.


“Saving lives is truly the best work of life.” – ARASCA