We contribute to saving lives by providing the right
pre-hospital medical equipment and solutions

ARASCA is a Leader Among Health and Safety Providers to Produce and Provide High-quality Products Based on Peoples’ needs. Hense, Ensuring Public Care and Safety By Reducing Disability and Deaths Due to Non-availability of the Right Equipment.


No. 1 Trusted and Well-known Supplier for Pre-hospital Medical Equipment Globally, delivering the Best Customer Service Within the Market We Serve.

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Founded in 2007, having 5000+ products, ARASCA Medical Equipment Trading LLC is an ISO 9001 certified company, the most Trusted and Well-Known supplier for pre-hospital medical equipment within the UAE, GCC, Middle East & Africa. Our vision is to provide quality products based on peoples’ needs to ensure public care and safety. ARASCA is committed to play its role in fulfilling the aim of UAE government of healthy and safe environment for residents by investing in bringing innovative solutions and right products for the health and safety of the people. ARASCA believes in corporate social responsibility by returning a part of its earnings to the society via donations, sponsorships and charity events.
Our key achievements
ARASCA Medical Equipment Trading LLC ISO certified

ISO 9001: 2015
Quality Management Certificate

Corporate Member Of
Dubai Quality Group

First company to introduce new products concepts like AEDs, stair chairs & X-Collars, albacmat,EZIO etc.

Reaching out to our customers and supplying our products globally

Official supplier for all major hotel chains with fixed contracts of refilling first aid kits

Partners Testimonials
Corporate Social Responsibility

Every year, ARASCA believes in returning a part of its earnings to the society, via donations, sponsorships and charity advertisements. A humble mention:

Hajj: Donated belt-pouch first aid kits
Charity Team, Fujairah: Blood pressure and sugar monitors, bed, mattress and wheel chairs for the physically challenged children and elderly people
Naturalization & Residency Administration: Donated first aid kits for their clinic
Centre of Ambulance Services: Evacuation chairs and Philips AED’s
Rashid Hospital and Al Rahba: Supported them with free of cost training and educational equipment

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